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Calgary Music Awards 2020 - 'Group Of The Year'





Boomtown Blues (Live at Union Hall, Edmonton)
Trainhopper (Lyric Video)
Perfect Fit (Live on the PD3 Bus)


Northern Quarter hail from the charming Albertan mountain town of Canmore. The indie pop group formed in 2017, and their varied influences have created a genre-spanning band with songs ranging from Indie Folk to Jazzy lounge style vibes.

Centrepiece to this line up is vocalist Kerry Hunter. The Fort Mcmurray born singer and lyricist weaves beautiful imagery with fascinating, sometimes stark tales about her own life experiences. Starting as a solo artist and playing these songs acoustically, the evolution to band songs has been an exciting journey for her.

Carlos Nadeau's guitar skills are all over every single Northern Quarter song. Carlos' unique style and highly expressive solo abilities leave their mark on everything he touches. 

Backing all this up are Wendy Crewe on bass, and Dave Crewe on drums and samples. The use of samples played via a drum pad adds an extra dimension to the band. This is best demonstrated on 'Searching For Freedom', an almost orchestral, angelic opening combined with Carlos' wonderful guitar riff and arpeggiated synthesizers make this a band favourite.

2020 has been a challenging year for all, but the band has gone from strength to strength, the pinnacle of which was winning the YYC Music 'Group Of The Year' award, which was a humbling and unexpected achievement. They were also selected to be part of the soundtrack for virtual reality video game 'Groove Gunner'.

The upcoming album features a number of interesting collaborations, most notably Tim Newton from Shred Kelly (banjo on 'Rocky Mountain Song'), and Geoff Hilhorst from Deep Dark Woods (organ on 'Fighting For You'). Also featured are Matt Burke on Trumpet and Chris Desborough on Saxophone. The collaborative aspect is one that Dave as producer finds very exciting - "It's amazing to hear all these people come together without meeting each other and sound like a cohesive unit. Some of the players are in Canada, some are in the UK, but all of them have extreme talent and we're blessed to have them on this record."


Photo By: Martin Boudreau



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